Kickers Are Ignored, Except When Needed

12/4/06 in NFL   |   CrunKup   |   respect

Most kickers just hang out with other kickers. From high school to the pros, kickers usually stay isolated from the rest of the team. They set their own routine, practice schedule, and work out schedule. The just kick and then kick some more. Most of the time the other players do not joke around with them. The other players usually exclude them from most of activities of the team. Heck some high schools even have girl kickers.


But this past Sunday the kickers proved that they were just as important as the QB., LB, or any other player on the team when four games were decided by last second field goals. One kicker kicked a sixty yarder to win while another kicker did not even have time to unpack his clothes before he had to walk on the field and kick a winner. This just goes to show that the smallest man (or woman) on a team can be the biggest at any given time. I bet the other players won't ignore the kickers anymore. But I also bet they still won't talk to them until after they kick the game winner.

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