10 biggest NFL Draft busts of the last decade

12/25/09 in NFL   |   100%InjuryRate   |   1283 respect

Around this time of the year, people always look back at what happened over the previous 12 months. Or, in this case, the last decade. So why not look back at the biggest NFL busts of the last decade?

NFL Mocks put up their list of the worst draft picks of the last decade, and while it's a good list, I'm not sure how in hell Joey Harrington didn't make it. Anyway, here's the list.

10. Vernon Gholston
9. David Carr
8. Mike Williams
7. Pacman Jones
6. Troy Williamson
5. Matt Leinart
4. Peter Warrick
3. Maurice Clarett
2. JaMarcus Russell
1. Charles Rogers

I admittedly don't think Clarett belongs on this list, since by the time he was ultimately drafted, I don't think anyone thought he'd do very well. I'd knock him off and add Harrington at #10.

Anyone else you'd add?
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