11 minutes of live action in average NFL game

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Here's a stunning stat for you. When you turn on the playoffs tomorrow, guess how much time you'll spend watching actual live game action. An hour? 30 minutes? You're not even close.

In your average NFL football game, there's only 11 minutes of actual live game action. The majority of the time we're watching players stand around or go into the huddle. Or getting shots of coaches on the sideline.

And then there's the hour of commercials, and the somewhat hilarious stat that 17 minutes usually goes to instant replay. So we're spending more time watching instant replays than actual game action.

Anyway, this article from the Wall Street Journal is a great read, just to help you understand how when you watch a football game, you're really watching a lot of other things besides football.

Meanwhile, I'm still trying to figure out how the Cardinals and Packers scored 90 points in only 11 minutes last weekend. That almost doesn't seem possible.
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