20 touchdowns AND 3000 yard 5 years in a row!

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Hi Friends! Hope this sees everyone excited about the new NFL page here on The Q,and are looking foward to Some Football!
   I was reading bleacher report, and most of us know, I'm not a huge fan, becaus ethey bash my Eli often. Imagine my surprise when I read not only a positve input from a writer , but he showed some interesting stats as well!
  some one had posted the "usual"  adjectives to describe Eli..mediocore, ok,  blah blah...So when i was reading his responce i expected ANYTHING but wha ti read.....(you can find these stats on bleacher report under New York Giants articles and th elink to the stats)I linked to it via my giants page here on The Q......the stats were there are only3 QB's who have passed for 3000 yards and scored 20 touchdowns, 5 year sin a row......they are as followed in no particular order
    1. drew Brees
     2. Peyton Manning
  Yes..eli is right uip there with some of th emost consistant qb's in th eNFL.....
Delightful!  Finally something positive, and proves tha the is not jus ta medicore Qb..You dont do  put thos ekind of numbers up consistantly if you are OK........ Just wanted to share some positive stuff on The Giants,and looking foward to some fun freindly banter this football season...
 Also want to thorw some love to Eli and Dave Diehl, for the pro bowl jersey and hat donated to The Green Hous eProject!!  Write your teams and get donations folks and help out your communities  Teams like to help their communities and people who support them!!!  GOOOO GIANTS!!
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