20 wins. seems like NIT is decent bet.

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Let's get 1 thing straight right at the start.  I am NOT giving up on the idea that ISU can make a MVC conference tournament run and win the automatic bid.   Northern Iowa would be a very tough matchup but other than that (and upsets happen in the 1 versus 4/5 semi in the MVC), ISU stands a respectable chance against the rest of the teams.

However, I think any hope of an at-large has been gone for awhile now.  So if they do not win the tournament, they will not be "dancing"   However, not all hope is lost even in that event and that is the thought that prompted me to write this article.

ISU just beat Morehead State to get to their 20th win of the season with 2 regular season games left plus whatever in the conference tournament.   They will finish top 3 in the MVC regular season. 

I believe they will have some appeal to the NIT and i think it more likelt than not that they will be given an invitation once the dust clears if they miss the NCAA tournament.

So for the few Redbird fans out there, Post-season play is a strong possibility (if the NIT passes on them, i think the CBI will take them).
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