2013 NBA Free Agents: Top 5 NBA Free Agents

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Blog Photo - 2013 NBA Free Agents: Top 5 NBA Free AgentsNBA Free Agency is almost here, and teams around the league are getting ready to sign the players that will bring their fans the success they've been waiting for. 

This year's class is one of the best we've seen since a few years ago when Lebron's decision changed the landscape of the league. There are several true impact players that are likely to change uniforms this off season, let's take a look at the top 5.

5. Andrew Bynum

Ah, Andrew Bynum. Intriguing talent for sure, but most likely will be considered among the litany of big men who's bodies just couldn't hold up.
Still, despite all the warning signs, there'll be at least one team willing to put serious money on the table for Bynum's upside, especially considering how young he is.
I just hope it's not my team.
Most Likely Team Next Season: I'll go with the Hawks, lots of cap space and want to make a splash.
Other Contenders: Houston (if they don't land Dwight Howard), Cleveland, or maybe he just stays in Philadelphia, however unlikely that is.

4. Brandon Jennings

Brandon Jennings came into the league with a splash, being the first high school phenom to slip the middle finger at the college basketball one and done system by spending his gap year in Europe getting paid to play.
Unfortunately, instead of riding the momentum of that splash into his NBA career, Jennings has spent the past three years in playing in obscurity for the Bucks.
His stats have been respectable, averaging 17 points and 5.7 assists per game for his career. He brings enough to the table that there will be plenty of NBA contenders looking for a playmaker with range to round out their roster.
Jennings has said that he plans to leave the Bucks either this summer, or next summer if the Bucks make a qualifying offer and no other team matches it.
He would be an interesting addition to the right team.
Most Likely Team Next Season: The Bucks, unfortunately.
Other Contenders: I would love to say Miami, because he would be a great addition to that team, but they don’t have the cap space. If the Bucks decide to cut the cord this summer, look for Utah, Atlanta or Detroit to sweep in and try to get him for a good market value price.
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