2013 Top 10 Fantasy Football Players to Draft; NFL FF Rankings

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2013 Top 10 Fantasy Football Players to Draft; NFL FF Rankings

The first pick of your fantasy football draft can often make or break your entire season. Whether failed expectations or a surprise injury is the culprit, you need to consider many scenarios before deciding who will be the primary piece of your team. This article takes a look at my list of the top 10 players to draft for the 2013 NFL season and why.

Position Value
Although the most valuable position on any fantasy football team is the quarterback, due to the small disparity in points among elite quarterbacks, they are often undervalued and more emphasis is placed on drafting an elite running back. Deciding to wait a couple of rounds to draft a quarterback can be smart if you are lucky enough to draft a QB destined to breakout, and spend the previous picks on solid running backs and wide receivers. This list includes several quarterbacks that are worth spending a first round draft pick on instead of waiting in hopes of finding a serviceable quarterback. Wide receivers and running backs can be risky picks in the first round or two when there are elite quarterbacks still on the board.

Although once in a while a rookie comes out of nowhere to obtain fantasy football fame, this article assumes that there will not be any first year players that are worthy of a top ten draft pick. Even though last year's breakout rookie Doug Martin was able to put up top ten numbers, he was not even a top 30 pick at the time of the draft. Be on the lookout for rookies to draft in later rounds.

Here are my top ten fantasy football players to draft for the 2013 NFL season:

Honorable Mentions: Jamaal Charles, Ray Rice, Peyton Manning, Dez Bryant

#10. Brandon Marshall - WR Chicago Bears
With 118 receptions, 1,508 yards and 11 touchdowns, Brandon Marshall had a fantastic first season with the Chicago Bears. The Bears are going through some changes as they fired head coach Lovie Smith. A new offensive system should only help Marshall in future years to come. Marshall will be the primary target once again for quarterback Jay Cutler, and he should be a top 10 fantasy draft pick this season.
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