A [Y] Stick In Time Gains 9 [Yards More or Less].

10/24/11 in NFL   |   elevenbravo138again   |   1163 respect

I will be spending the rest of the football season on some passing game concepts that are universal.  All teams use High/Low concepts and use horizontal and vertical stretch concepts.  Today we will spend some time on Y-Stick. Y-Stick has become one of the most popular passing plays that coach coaches utilize, it is considered to by 4-8 free yards against certain defenses.
To put it simply, the Y stick concept is one that attacks the flat coverage defender from a 3 step quick pass game. It puts the hook/curl coverage defender, usually a linebacker or a 'Nickel/Dime Back, in a bind because he is not sure which receiver to cover. This concept has three receivers to a side, with one running a  vertical clear out route to take out the cornerback out of the play while the #2 runs a quick out to the flats and the #3 receiver "sticks" himself in the zone and gets open.

Nebraska offensive coordinator Shawn Watson explained how he attacks a fire zone: "I teach our quarterback playing against a field pressure to put the ball into the blitz because the void is where the blitz is coming from.  I tell him to put the ball right into a three deep, three under fire zone pressure.  One of our best fire zone beaters is called “Y Stick.

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