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After Michael's return to F1, it appears Ralf Schumacher may return to the series as well

12/29/09 in Formula One   |   bwfc2good4u   |   327 respect

Now I know this isn't as big of a piece of news as Michael's return-that kind of goes without saying, but after 2 years out of the sport it appears that Ralf Schumacher may be returning to the sport just days after his brother confirmed reports that he was.

Ralf Schumacher was and still is a very good race car driver, and after 2 years in the German Touring Car Championship Ralf looks as though he wants to return to the challenge of F1.

Ralf wants to be in a competitive car (I'm not sure what Ralf's perception of competitive is though) and he has apparently turned down offers from USF1, Virgin and Campos GP. He is reportedly eyeing up one of the spots avaiable at Sauber, Toro Rosso or Renault and personally I would be very happy to see the younger of the two Schumacher brothers back in F1.

The return of his brother isn't what has sparked his renewed interest in the sport...of course it isn't...but Ralf did admit that the fire for competition is burning inside of him again. The Schumacher brothers seem to be made from the same stuff but clearly Michael has the edge. They are both competitive men who could easilly never work again if they wished, but the desire for competition looks as though it could bring these two brothers back together again.Feel free to comment below as I think this is a pretty interesting development if one of the deals goes through.
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