After speculation, Manny Pacquiao files lawsuit

12/30/09 in Boxing   |   Debi_L   |   11868 respect

100% posted a link a few days ago stating that Manny was likely to file a countersuit against Floyd Mayweather Jr., and earlier today, Manny did exactly that.

Not only is Mayweather named in the suit, but Manny claims that Floyd Sr., Oscar de la Hoya, Golden Boy Productions and others have "embarked on a campaign to make people think he used drugs"

Manny and his attorney, Dan Petrocelli, state that the damage could cost millions in lost business opportunities.

At question, once again, is whether the fight scheduled for March 13 will go ahead, but as has been suggested before, these back and forth accustions and allegations could just be a way of trying to up the interest in the coming fight.

Frankly, I'm already interested, so just get in the damn ring already and settle it.
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