Anderson Silva needs to fight Lyoto Machida for the UFC light heavyweight title

8/10/09 in MMA   |   Pat   |   5234 respect

Anderson Silva and Lyoto Machida are close friends, and train together at Black House in Brazil. They're also two of the best mixed martial artists in the world. Machida is a perfect 15-0, and holds the UFC light heavyweight title. Silva is the middleweight title holder, and is 25-4 overall, with a UFC record 10 straight wins in the octagon.

Silva has been moving up into Machida's weight class, in an attempt to give him more of a challenge, since the middleweight class basically bores him. But after his mockery and dismantling of former light heavyweight champ Forrest Griffin, it's obvious that Silva needs to fight for the title that Machida currently holds.

Machida and Silva have both said that they won't fight each other, but as Michael Chiappetta of Fanhouse points out, that's completely unheard of in sports. If mixed martial arts is really as much of a sport as people claim, Machida and Silva need to put their friendship aside, and fight in the name of competition. It's what fans want, and it's what the fans need. Let's make it happen.
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