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Andre Agassi's meth habit? Sort of interesting. Andre Agassi's hairpiece? Very interesting.

10/31/09 in Tennis   |   guylake   |   321 respect

Andre Agassi's autobiography is truly the gift that keeps on giving. Remember when Agassi roamed the baseline and was king of the mullet? Ok, how about acid washed jeans? No? Anyhow, it turns out Agassi's early 90s hairstyle was more skullet than mullet.

From the Daily Telegraph:

Andre Agassi, the former Wimbledon champion, has admitted his long lion-mane hairstyle he wore during the 90s was actually a wig. The tennis ace said he was so distracted by thoughts of the hairpiece falling off and causing him huge embarrassment during his first Grand Slam final that he lost the match.
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