Angel Villalona reportedly pays off family of guy he murdered to get murder charges against him dropped

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I'm not sure how many of you are familiar with Angel Villalona. He's the top position prospect in the SF Giants organization, and someone who many of us Giants fans were looking forward to seeing on the big club........until he murdered a guy. Allegedly, of course.

Villalona, 19, had been jailed since Sept. 20, one day after he was accused of a fatal shooting at a bar in his hometown of La Romana of the Dominican Republic. He got released on bail today and the “judge accepted the decision of the deceased’s family to withdraw the charge.”

So, uh, how exactly did that happen?

The rumors are that Villalona, who received a $2.1 million bonus from the Giants as a 16-year-old, paid $150,000 to the family of the slain man.

The case isn't over though. Prosecutor Jose Antonio Polanco told the AP that while relatives of the deceased man have withdrawn the indictment, “this is a case of public policy and we intend to continue to the end with this accusation.” Good luck proving it though.

So, the question may soon be this: Will the Giants continue to employ Villalona, and maybe some day bring him up, even though he in all likelihood murdered a guy? I mean, we do need hitting.

But seriously, this is one of those situations where it might be best to just let this guy go. But I'll certainly be paying attention to this.
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