BCS perfect situation would result in TCU and Boise State in the championship game

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Sean Keeley of TNIAAM might be under the influence of some pretty serious hallucinogens right now, but he put together pretty much a dream scenario for the BCS this year. Without a doubt, this would pretty much throw the entire country into chaos, but the chances of it happening are pretty much zero. BUT... it's possible. We'd just need about 30 upsets in the last couple weeks.

In his outrageous mythical situation, here's the glorious madness that would ensue:

National Championship - TCU vs. Boise State

Rose Bowl - Oregon State vs. Wisconsin

Orange Bowl - Pittsburgh vs. Duke

Sugar Bowl - LSU vs. Georgia Tech

Fiesta Bowl - Kansas State vs. Alabama

As he says in the article... Football Gods, please....make it happen.
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