Barcelona coach Guardiola wants Shakira to stop dating defender Pique

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Shakira, Shakira, Shakira… is considered a goddess by many men. Well, it would be a huge understatement if I said I didn’t like her so I’ll just say that I didn’t like it when news broke of “Shakira being attacked by sea lions”.
As a Barcelona I was forced to give Gerard Pique my blessing when he started dating Shakira but I just can’t get over their latest headline (MSNBC): “Dating Shakira could get soccer player kicked off team”.
As you might know already, Barcelona defender Gerard Pique, who also plays for Spain’s national team is in a steaming hot relationship with the iconic singer and song-writer Shakira. The Spaniard and the Colombian have become a regular item in the news ever since Pique helped bring back the World Cup from South Africa.
Shakira also played a massive role in the FIFA 2010 World Cup campaign with her song Waka-Waka, which consequently became a massive hit. Since, the World Cup Shakira and Pique have been a part of each other lives, even on professional occasions.
For instance, Pique can be found in the crowd or even on stage while Shakira is performing in live concerts. On the other hand, Shakira has also become a common sight in featured Barcelona games.
This affair has helped Barcelona gain more publicity, still club manager Pep Guardiola refuses to give the two his blessings. As a matter of fact he considers Shakira to be a team-wrecker. Guardiola is already threatening to leave Barcelona this summer, now he has reiterated his warning if Pique doesn’t get his act straight.
According to Guardiola, Shakira is “too big of a distraction for the 25-year-old world-class defender (no puns intended).

Shakira, who celebrated her 35th birthday this February, is uninterested by Guradiola’s opinions. A headline on called Shakira Barcelona’s “Yoko Ono”. According to them problems with Shakira dating Pique began last summer when the former Manchester United defender posted pictures himself and Shakira on vacation.
If the saga continues to evolve at this rate, Shakira and Pique would probably agree upon a breakup even before the summers. An American version of this saga would be the New York Yankees asking Alex Rodriguez to breakup with Cameron Diaz, ‘but not because the team asked him to do’.
Anyway, the Barcelona board will obviously intervene if Guardiola goes overboard in an attempt to break them up. My advice to Guardiola would be to chill. This relationship is heading nowhere and where do I get that from you might ask?
An article from the Huffington Post shows “Shakira and boyfriend Gerard Pique keep their relationship alive with a game of scrabble”.
Hmmmm… this could end sooner than I thought.
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