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Bengals Player Ahmad Brooks Punches Woman

5/1/08 in NFL   |   mck45209   |   respect

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[100% here. I'm writing this post from a link mck45209 sent to me. So direct your hate mail to me, and not MCK. As an extra bonus, we have a poll at the bottom. Let me help you, the answer is 'guilty.']

I'm not going to lie, sometimes it gets a little slow in the afternoon. There just isn't as much news going on. So whenever that happens, I just wait for someone to send me another "Cincinnati Bengals player got arrested" story. So in other words, I have few slow afternoons.

The newest Bengal to get in trouble is linebacker Ahmad Brooks. He's just been charged with  misdemeanor assault and could face up to a year in prison, all because he punched a woman. That's pretty low, even for a Bengals player.

So what exactly happened? Was it baby-mama drama? Just random punching goodness? What is it that makes these Bengals players tick?
Destiny Rosich gave a sworn statement Wednesday that Brooks was arguing outside her neighbor’s home on April 9 in the 7600 block of Banklick Street. She said her children were outside playing and began to cry because Brooks and the neighbor were about to start a fistfight.

Brooks told the neighbor that he was going to “split his head open,” Rosich wrote in her statement.

That when she “nicely approached” Brooks and asked him to stop and “take it somewhere else,” according to the statement. “He then pulled back his fist and struck (punched) me in the left eye,” Rosich wrote. “I then fell and blacked out.”

By the way, Brooks is a 6-foot-3, 259-pounds, so that punch probably hurt a little extra. And by "a little extra" I mean "a lot extra."

I honestly wouldn't mind seeing Goodell suspend everyone on the Bengals who's ever gotten in trouble with the law, but then there'd be no football team in Cincinatti, which would sort of financially hurt the NFL. And we all know money comes before character, right? Right.

Anyway, I just hope we can all learn a valuable lesson from this episode. And the lesson is that you should never, ever approach a Bengal, either the species of tiger or a player on the team. Both are deadly, although the player probably slightly more so.

Source: (Cincinnati Enquirer)
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