Big Ten went 4-3 in bowl games, 4-0 against top 15 teams

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The Big Ten has a pretty suspect track record when it comes to bowl games, BCS bowls, National Championship games, and just the strength of their conference in general.

They went 4-3 overall in bowl games this year, which isn't incredible. But their 4 wins were pretty impressive. They included 2 BCS Bowl wins, and two other wins against top-15 opponents.

Iowa looked impressive against #9 Georgia Tech, Ohio State handled #7 Oregon, Wisconsin beat #14 Miami and Penn State beat #13 LSU.

Yes, there were some losses, but they weren't too bad. Northwestern lost to Auburn by only a field goal, and Minnesota lost to Iowa State by only 1. Texas Tech's win over Michigan State was the conference's most convincing bowl loss, and that was only by 10 points.

Maybe it's because none of the conferences were really all that great this year, but it looks like the Big Ten is coming back to prominence.
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