Big XII trying to make it harder for non-BCS teams to get into bowl games

11/6/09 in NCAAF   |   Pat   |   5234 respect

Already, the non-BCS conferences really get the shaft. They start every season with the realization that no matter what they do, they'll never be "good enough" to play for a BCS Championship. That's because everyone points at their schedule and claims that it's not good enough. And then, when they try to bolster their schedule with strong opponents, BCS teams duck them, and are afraid to play them. Michigan and LSU turned down Hawaii a few years ago, and Michigan State actually bought their way out of playing in Hawaii, even after they had already scheduled them. Boise State is having the same problems now, as Oklahoma, Oklahoma State and Michigan are rumored to have turned down requests to play them.

So their schedules aren't tough enough, but teams refuse to play them. And now, the Big XII is proposing to make it even tougher for them to go to normal bowls, never mind BCS bowls.

The Big XII is proposing that 6-6 teams in BCS conferences be given preference over 7-5 teams from non-BCS conferences. I'll agree that for the most part, a 6-6 team from the Big XII or SEC is probably much better than one from the WAC or the MWC. But the cards are already stacked against the smaller conferences... do we really need to compound the problem?

If these conferences are regarded as basically the minor leagues as compared to the major conferences, shouldn't they just be in their own separate division, and be allowed to play for their own championship?
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