Bill Belichick says that the Patriots will discuss Larry Johnson today

11/10/09 in NFL   |   Pat   |   5234 respect

There are no indications whatsoever yet that the Patriots are even remotely considering the possibility of picking up RB Larry Johnson, who was waived by the Chiefs. However, Bill Belichick says that it will be discussed at some point today.

"We'll discuss that organizationally this afternoon. We'll decide then if there's anything we want to do. To be honest with you, we've just been focused on Indianapolis, and our pro people are figuring that. We kind of do that every week at this time. Our pro people go through the guys that are available, whether it's waivers or teams that have injuries or changes to a guy's status or guys we want to work out or other teams work out. After all that, it's not just about one guy, but after all that gets done, we'll talk about the whole thing in a group and what our plans are for the whole week. Whether it's to work a guy out or claim a guy or talk to his representative, whatever happens. That's something we'll do between now and 4 o'clock."
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