Brad Childress doesn't like Brett Favre calling audibles, tried to bench Favre for doing that

12/23/09 in NFL   |   100%InjuryRate   |   1283 respect

Well, well, well. Just as we're on the heels of heading into the playoffs, the Vikings are a complete and utter mess.

See, Brad Childress is upset that Brett Favre is calling his own audibles at the line. Childress has a reputation for limiting the number of audibles he allows his quarterbacks to call at the line of scrimmage. Favre apparently believes his knowledge of the offensive system and 19 years of NFL experience qualify him to make changes based on his extensive film study of opponents.

And you'll love this tidbit from ESPN:

According to sources, Favre dislikes that Childress seldom discusses the game plan with him during the week, and does not encourage the quarterback to offer suggestions as to which plays he feels most comfortable calling in certain situations. When Favre changes the play at the line of scrimmage -- using his film study and experience -- Childress bristles, even when the audible Favre calls works perfectly.


Teammates have apparently supported Favre's refusal to leave the field against Carolina when he had what the quarterback later terms as a "heated discussion" with Childress.

I'm actually going to side with Favre here (which I can't believe I just did). Favre knows this offense better than anyone, and he's played for 19 years. Childress is a crappy coach with a Napoleon complex.

Anyway, when the Vikings inevitably lose in the second round of the playoffs, you know exactly who to blame. The coach you guys just gave a three-year contract extension to. Well done, Minnesota.
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