Brandon Marshall has likely played last game with Denver Broncos

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In news that probably won't shock you, Brandon Marshall was the only player to completely clear out his locker after the Broncos' awful season-ending loss to the Chiefs yesterday. It sent a pretty clear message to the organization, which was - I'm never playing here again.

As you probably remember, Marshall tweaked his hamstring in practice on Wednesday of last week. He said he couldn't play, so Josh McDaniels scratched him from the lineup, with Marshall assuming it was solely because of his injury. Then, later that week, McDaniels said to the media he benched Marshall because Marshall wasn't committed to giving 100% for the team.

That was pretty much the final nail in the coffin.

Marshall is a restricted free agent now, but all indications seem to be he's headed straight for the trading block. This of course means that McDaniels has now been responsible for getting Cutler and Marshall shipped out of town.

Even though people now think getting rid of Cutler was a good move, I'm less sure. Especially if Marshall winds up getting traded to, you guessed it, Chicago.

But the more important point here is that even though Marshall is a prima donna, he's a damn good player. McDaniels doesn't seem to care for prima donnas, and while that's fine, he may soon have a football team of guys who take all of his orders but finish 4-12 every year. As a coach, you have to be able to handle talented headcases in order to win, and McDaniels doesn't seem capable of that at all. Not to mention he now owns the dubious distinction of being the head coach of the third team to start the 6-0 and fail to make the playoffs.
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