Brandon Roy has not been on the court for the National Anthem for two years

11/27/09 in NBA   |   100%InjuryRate   |   1283 respect

Kind of bizarre story from the Oregonian newspaper. It seems that Trail Blazers superstar Brandon Roy hasn't been on the court for the national anthem for the last two years. Instead, he goes into the team tunnel and prays, then comes back out.

The author of the article, John Canazno, interestingly wrote an article last year praising Roy, including Roy's retreating to the tunnel to pray while he listens to the anthem. Canazno seemed to have no problem with it back then, so why does he have a problem with it now? I'm not sure, but the real question is why does Roy do it?

No one really seems to know. According to Roy, it is not a political statement, it is not a protest, and it is not intended as a slap on patriotism. Roy's even said if people dislike him doing it, he'll stop doing it.

But it's clear Roy never meant to draw attention to himself because of this. After all, he's made it two seasons with hardly anyone noticing this. In all honesty, it's a free country, and Roy doesn't seem to be doing this for any other reason than it's his choice. It's kind of an odd choice, but then, there's no outward appearance of him being unpatriotic or anything else, so I guess to each his own.
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