Brandon Spikes suspends himself for the entire Vanderbilt game

11/5/09 in NCAAF   |   Pat   |   5235 respect

There has been a lot of discussion about Brandon Spikes' apparent eye-gouging against Georgia. Urban Meyer suspended him for the first half of the Gators' game against Vanderbilt, and the SEC reviewed the play and agree with the suspension.

The rest of the country, on the other hand, seemed pretty upset about it, so Spikes stepped up and did what Meyer and/or the SEC should have done in the first place... he suspended himself for the entire game.

I realize Washaun Earley (the victim) tried to play it down, but when you look at the video, Spikes' intent seems pretty clear. No matter who says it's ok, it's wrong. Period. There's no place for that in sports.
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