Brett Favre almost got pulled by Brad Childress during the Vikings loss to the Panthers

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In 2007, Brett Favre had an incredible year, especially for someone his age. And then, against the Giants in the NFC Championship game, he looked his age, and his 2 INT's helped the Giants advance to the Super Bowl.

Last year, things were going great with the Jets through 11 games... but then he threw only 2 TD's along with 9 INT's in their last 5 games, and the Jets lost 4 of them, along with their chance to make the playoffs.

This year, Favre threw only 3 interceptions in the first 11 games, in which the Vikings went 10-1. In their last 3 games alone, he has thrown 4 INT's, and the Vikings lost two of them.

This is a team desperately in need of a first round bye, and home field advantage for as long as possible, since all of their losses have been on the road so far. Yet they're playing like a team who doesn't really care anymore... and a lot of it starts with some less than stellar play at the QB position.

This really shouldn't surprise anyone. Early in the year, his numbers looked good, because the Vikings' game plan was working, and he wasn't asked to make any high-risk throws. Lately, with Percy Harvin sidelined and the team becoming increasingly dependent on Favre, he has been showing his true self.

If the Vikings want to succeed in the playoffs, they'll have to dial it back a little bit, and let Favre be what he really is... a game manager, who can occasionally offer the deep threat, but can't really take over a game anymore.

Once the Vikings figure that out, they'll be fine.
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