Brett Favre received 4 votes for Comeback Player of the Year

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Not everyone agrees with Tom Brady winning Comeback Player of the Year, and that's understandable. In my mind, the simple fact that he was the preseason favorite to win the award cheapens it a little bit. If you EXPECT a comeback like that, is it really the comeback of the year? I think that award should probably be awarded to someone with a more improbable season, instead of a guy we KNEW would do well, just because he's healthy again.

Regardless, the most shocking part about this is that Brett Favre got 4 votes. Brady got 19, Cadillac Williams got 14, Vince Young got 7, Cedric Benson got 4 and Brett Freaking Favre got 4 votes.

The Brady votes, I understand. Same with Cadillac Williams, and I actually think that Vince Young probably deserved MORE votes, based on what he came back from, and the way he progressed as a quarterback. I have never been a big VY fan, but he made some huge strides this year in every facet of his game, in my opinion.

Cedric Benson... I don't think he really came back this year, he just emerged. But that's a different story for a different time. The Brett Favre votes are what truly boggles the mind.

These ballots should all be made public, so we can see who the morons are, and take away their right to vote for these awards. Brett Favre for Comeback Player of the Year? I realize it's a pretty meaningless award, but you gotta be kidding me.
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