Brett Favre says it's too early to decide whether he's coming back or not

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Some people just never learn. Unfortunately, Brett Favre is one of them. Despite the fact that his last pass in each of the past 3 seasons have all gotten intercepted, he somehow doesn't realize that's a sign from above, and he keeps thinking that he needs to keep playing.

Now, he's saying it's "highly unlikely" that he'll play again. In normal people talk, that means he'll be waffling back and forth until July, at which time he'll take a huge stack of money from the Vikings to skip training camp, show up when he feels like it, and then throw another costly interception at the end of the season to cost them a chance at the Super Bowl.

Rinse and repeat, folks. Apparently when your ego is as large as Brett Favre's, it never gets old.
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