Brian Davis penalizes himself, loses out on a chance for his first PGA title

4/18/10 in Golf   |   Scott   |   54122 respect

In a sports world where fans have become accustomed to athletes and teams doing whatever they can to gain an edge in there sport, PGA golfer Brian Davis shows us that they are indeed honorable athletes out there who are bound to do the right thing.....even if it means costing you a shot at a $1 million dollar paycheck and your first ever PGA win.

Davis and Jim Furyk were playing in sudden death at the Verizon Heritage when Davis ticked a loose reed on his back swing.  Davis immediately called a two stroke penalty on himself, called over the tourney director and after several slo motion replays, had his claim verified.  Davis conceded the tourney to Furyk and in the process, lost the chance to win his first ever PGA title.
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