Brock Lesnar Will Fight Again

1/8/10 in MMA   |   joshsanchez   |   57 respect

Lesnar’s trainer — and University of Minnesota assistant head wrestling coach — Marty Morgan let shared news with reporters today at the National High School duels in Rochester, Minn.

“Everyone’s asking about his health. He had a bout with a bacterial infection in his intestinal tract in November, and now we’re just kind of working our way to get back to where we need to get back to fight.

“I don’t give more answers than that. Brock don’t give more answers, (and) his agents don’t give more answers. There’s really only a handful of people who know where we’re at, whether it’s moving forwards or backwards.

“A lot of times I think that in this day and age of Facebook and Twitter it almost bugs me that people always need to know what’s going on all the time. I understand people granted want to know how his health is but at this point right now we’ve kind of just kept quiet with what’s going on.”

Morgan then said the news that everyone was hoping to hear.

“He will fight again. I know that it’s just a matter of the public finding out when soon enough.”

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