Bryant McKinnie kicked off Pro Bowl team for missing practices because he was clubbing

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Pretty much confirming that the Pro Bowl is utterly worthless, Vikings player Bryant McKinnie has been kicked off the Pro Bowl squad for missing two practices. Now, ESPN won't tell you why he missed those practices, but I will.

According to McKinnie's Twitter account (@bigmacvikings), he was out clubbing at Miami's Mansion nightclub Thursday night and Friday morning.
"On the way 2 Mansion," McKinnie tweeted at 11:28 p.m. Thursday night.  "Finna shut it down!"  Apparently having arrived at the club, McKinnie tweeted at 12:06 a.m. Friday morning, "If u coming 2 Mansion 2nite u better hurry!  Getting packed!"

So that explains Friday's missed practice. No word on why he missed Saturday's practice, but it probably had something to do with more partying.

But seriously, this game is ridiculous. No one wants to be there, no one wants to play in it. Everyone would rather party. Just end this damn thing, NFL. It's a joke.
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