Buccaneers WR Michael Clayton Sucks. There's a Website That Proves It.

11/7/09 in NFL   |   MarkTheShark   |   590 respect

Michael Clayton has caused Buccaneers fans consternation since his sophomore season. "Who?!" you may ask. Exactly.

He is generally a good blocker. Too bad he's a wide receiver.

Fans were ready for him to leave after another unproductive season last year.
Appalled was too nice of a word for the reaction of fans after watching new GM Mark Dominik give Clayton a new $24 million deal to stay. Clayton's response to the outcry:  "Regardless of what they say, the check is in the bank."

Fortunately, the internet is here to be the voice of reason (wow, I can't believe I wrote that), and the folks at 80sucks.com are quite entertaining as well: they compare Clayton to his Michael Clayton counterpart George Clooney (edge to Clooney), track his drops to catches ratio (almost even), and has some great (meaning awful) video.
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