Buccaneers want to wear the creamsicle Bucco Bruce jerseys again

11/10/09 in NFL   |   Pat   |   5234 respect

After pulling off their first win of the year while wearing their hideously ugly creamsicle orange-colored "Bucco Bruce" jerseys, Tampa Bay players are in the mood to wear them more often. Linebacker Geno Hayes was all for it:

"I wouldn't mind wearing them again at all. Maybe the old white ones could be an idea, too. I thought the uniforms looked good yesterday. Still, no matter what you're wearing, it all comes down to playing good football."

Are the jerseys hideous? Yup. But should they wear them for the rest of the year? Absolutely. Coach Raheem Morris agrees.

"I think they (uniforms) had a big effect. It definitely created some excitement about the game. You got more people talking about how they're going to look and what they're going to do."

DE Jimmy Wilkerson also was a big fan of the retro unis:

"I like 'em. We'll see what they have in store for us down the line. I thought it was a good fit and the colors to me actually made it feel like a lighter weight. It was like you stepped into a secretary's office here and saw all the pictures from the early days of the franchise. It felt like we were part of old-school Sundays."

So it's settled, right? Is there even any need for a discussion? The Bucs definitely need to switch back to these for the rest of the year, right? Yes, definitely.
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