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I'm sure at some point Sunday afternoon Tom Brady turned to Belichick and said, "Stop looking like a slob" and "They know everything I'm calling out there coach!"

Turns out they did. The Miami Dolphins reportedly purchased video that detailed audio of Brady's pre-snap cadences.
"We watched a lot of tape, even (audio) tape, to hear his signals and things like that,"
Seems fair to me, but everyone seems to be wondering about the legality of such an action. Nick Saban was forced to defend himself yesterday:
"It's on TV, you always try to get the other team's cadence. I'm sure they try to get ours, so you know when a guy's checking off, when he isn't checking off."
Seems fair to me, that's football right ... what you think? I think the real question is can the New Orleans Saints find some sort of tapes to stop LaDainian Tomlinson and Devin Hester?

Source: (Palm Beach Post)
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12/13/06   |   Eric   |   239 respect

Cadence means the same thing...whether you are a band geek or you are an MLB 3rd base coach or in the NFL.
3rd base coaches give the signs (which is in cadence)... Band personell have cadences that they march too... NLF has cadences inwhich they call their plays too.... If an NFL coach is complaining that their cadences are too easy to read, then they should change it up ...

12/13/06   |   Michael

A)All's fair in love and war, B)Caveat Emptor--now that it is known, I'm sure the cadence may mean something a little different in the NFL world...