Calgary and Buffalo only meet once in the 2009/2010 Season and it's tonight

11/13/09 in NHL   |   Debi_L   |   11868 respect

Much is being made of tonight's matchup between the Calgary Flames and the Buffalo Sabres, and so it should.  With the two top goalies in the league going head to head, this should be a low scoring game, and if it is still tied at zero after three periods, no one will really be surprised.

Buffalo and Calgary only meet once this season and tonight's the night.  The team stats are virtually identical, with the Flames having one more win, in one more game for an 11-4-1 to Buffalo's 10-4-1.

The Flames are on the road and have been very successful away from home so far this year, winning their most recent matchup against the Canadiens.  The Sabres, however, have been extremely strong at home.

Last year, the Flames defeated the Sabres at HSBC Arena (oops - at the Saddledome), but the Sabres have only lost two at home so far this year.

It might not be Pittsburgh and Detroit, but this is gonna be one helluva game.
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