Cam Newton Needs to Mature to Avoid Further Regression

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Blog Photo - Cam Newton Needs to Mature to Avoid Further RegressionWith four minutes to go in the game, on 4th-and-goal from the 1-yard-line, tight end Ben Hartsock was wide open in the end zone. And Cam Newton threw the ball in his direction, but it landed in the dirt. The Carolina Panthers were down 16-10 to the Seattle Seahawks, and now Seattle had the ball back.

Then, with one minute to go, after the Seahawks gave up a safety, the Panthers had the ball, down four. But they didn’t even get into Seattle territory. Cam Newton was sacked and stripped, and the Seahawks recovered the ball.

The Carolina Panthers may have lost by a slim margin, 16-12, but their only touchdown in the game came from a pick-six. So to claim that their offense was absolutely dominated by Seattle’s defense would be more than fair.

Looking at the numbers, in front of a home crowd, Newton’s squad only picked up 190 total yards. In particular, the talented QB ran for 42 yards and threw for another measly 141, completing just over 41 percent of his passes.

This was just one game, but ever since the second half of the 2011 season, Newton has been on a downward spiral. He put up decent numbers last week in a 30-28 loss to the Atlanta Falcons, rushing for a touchdown and 86 yards while throwing two touchdown passes and for 215 yards. But overall, this season has not been impressive for the former Auburn superstar.

He has thrown just four touchdown passes compared to five interceptions. He has rushed for three touchdowns, but his lost-fumble count is already at two through five games when his total for all of last year was three.

Turnovers aside, what is most worrisome is Newton’s drop-off in terms of passing yards. In the first eight games of his rookie season, the Panthers QB threw for 2,393 yards, averaging 299 per game. In the last eight games of the 2011 season, Newton threw for 1,658 yards, which comes out to an average of 207 a game.

You would have to hope that he would find a way to increase his production to return to his incredible form of the beginning of his rookie season, but so far this year, Newton has thrown for a total of 1,154 yards, which averages out to 230 a game.

As for running the ball, nothing significant has changed. Newton’s rushing yards per carry has dropped from 5.6 to 5.1, but that it is not a dramatic fall.

It is another decrease in his totals though, and when you compare Newton’s statistics from this year to last year, the only important stat that has improved for the former AP Offensive Rookie of the Year is that his completion percentage has been raised from 60.0 percent to 63.6 percent.
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