Canadians believe that hockey is getting too violent

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Apparently, the folks up in Canada, where damn near everyone actually cares about hockey, think that the NHL is getting a bit too violent, and that there should be a little more regulation to some of the huge hits we're seeing.

From the article:
"In the wake of well-publicized head hits that have left players concussed, a whopping 80% of Canadians polled by Leger Marketing said the status quo needs to be changed. Six-out-of-10 Canadians think those guilty of hits to the head should be punished with longer or even life-time suspensions for repeat offenders while 20% of Canadians go as far to say violent hits to the head should result in criminal charges."

That's a huge majority of fans, at least in Canada, so now I'm wondering... do their American counterparts feel the same way?

I'd venture to say no, Americans feel differently. I think that for many people south of the border, the violence is appealing. What do you guys think?
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