Carl Edwards To Not Be Suspended By NASCAR

3/9/10 in NASCAR   |   kantwistaye   |   4214 respect

 On Sunday we saw Carl Edwards attempt vehicular manslaughter on Brad Keselowski. On Monday we found out he had no regrets. Today, we find out that NASCAR is reportedly completely cool with that. 

This two do have a bit of a history and while Keselowski is an aggressive driver, from what I've seen he's never actually done Edwards wrong. Edwards on the other hand has always played up the "aw shucks" backwoods redneck reputation up until now and has been given countless free passes for douchebag moves.  It looks like the fans may have finally had enough of Edwards crap, but apparently NASCAR hasn't which is a sad, pathetic statement on the leadership of NASCAR.

Update: Carl Edwards on probation for only the next 3 races and NASCAR has set up a meeting between the two drivers and their respective owners at Bristol. That's not even a slap on the wrist. Way to go, NASCAR!
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