Carl Edwards says no wing a good move

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A few days ago, NASCAR announced that they would consider changing the rear wing on the current car, and replacing it with the spoiler, more common in the cars before the COT.

Carl Edwards has come out and offered his support of the proposed change, and has done so in a very public manner, saying, in part,

"That'd be fine with me. If that's the direction we're going, then I'm 100 percent all for it. You can soften the tires then, you can drive the car sideways, you'd theoretically be able to handle behind someone because you aren't relying on downforce as much -- I think all those things are good."

I might be in support of the spoiler, if I had a better idea of what it might mean to the drivers and teams.  One thing Carl has said I am in favor of - this isn't IndyCar or Formula 1 racing, but NASCAR, and it should be unique.  If this removal of the wing will bring back the uniqueness of NASCAR, but it can't hurt. 

For example, a number of driver simply haven't gotten a handle on the new car, most notably, Dale Earnhardt Jr.  Will the spoiler help him?  And what of Jimmie Johnson.  He clearly has gotten the idea of how to drive the car, wing or not.  What will the change mean for him?  Will he still be able to drive the car the way he has?  Well, undoubtedly he will, as his 4 championships transend both the old car and the new.

But what of the single car teams, such a BAM Racing and Furniture Row Racing and others?  They don't have the money to spend on wind tunnel testing, and can't afford to build multiple cars and parts, simply to find out if something "works".

Richard Childress Racing had a dismal season in 2009.  Will this move help them, or hinder them?

And finally, although NASCAR claims the wing has nothing to do with the "flight" of the cars in 2009, can it possible have an impact on the racing at Talladega and Daytona?

Rumor says the change won't come before the Easter weekend break, so we will have time to observe testing and adjustments. 

At this point in time, I have more questions than Carl Edwards can answer.  That being said, I think it will be a positive move.  I would like to hear what the other drivers, owners, crew chiefs and engineers have to say about it.  Ryan Newman? Are you there?
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