Carlos Beltran to miss 12-18 weeks after surgery, Mets may force Beltran to pay them money

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No team has been as injury prone as the Mets in this last year. Pretty much everyone on the roster got injured at some point during the season. And guess what? These guys can't even stay healthy in the offseason.

Carlos Beltran is the latest Met to go down, and it's complicated to say the least.

In a statement released Wednesday night, the Mets said Beltran's osteoarthritis worsened during the offseason and he decided to have arthroscopic surgery to clean out the arthritic area of his knee.

The procedure was performed in Colorado by his personal physician, Dr. Richard Steadman and Beltran is expected to miss at least 12 weeks of time and likely not be available at the start of the MLB season.

But here's where things get interesting. Beltran had the surgery by personal choice, not at the Mets' behest. The Mets may even pursue some form of action against Beltran for having the surgery done without their approval, and there's even the remote possibility that they might void his contract. So, yeah, kind of serious. And kind of stupid, by Beltran at least.

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