Cavs owner Dan Gilbert responds to fans after Lebron James' announcement

7/9/10 in NBA   |   Scott   |   54573 respect

special credit goes to Q member Pat for finding this

After Lebron James made his announcement to leave Cleveland and head to Miami, Cavs majority owner Dan Gilbert wrote an open letter to Cavs fans.  The letter speaks for itself and is one that sounds like it is more from a jilted lover then a NBA franchise owner.

I've stated all along that I have no problem with James leaving to go to a better place to win.  My problem with this whole thing was the way that it was handled.  I didnt like the whole "special" and I certainly think Cleveland deserved a little more common courtesy from their hometown "hero". 

As for Gilbert, I appreciate the passion he has for his franchise and fans but he's certainly looking like a whiny little brat.  I get your upset but what exactly are you going to get out of all this?  It may make you feel better in the short term but it certainly isnt going to get you any closer to winning a championship
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