Chad Ochocinco Johnson says that he'll blow the Vikings' horn after a TD

12/10/09 in NFL   |   Pat   |   5235 respect

Guys like John Madden have been figuratively "blowing Brett Favre's horn" for years, but now Chad Ochocinco is going to blow the Vikings' horn, literally.

From the article:

Ochocinco, formerly known as Chad Johnson, said he wants to blow the Vikings' famous Gjallarhorn if he scores.

"I'm going to steal it from him. What's his name, Ragnar?" Ochocinco said during a playful conference call Wednesday with Twin Cities reporters. "He better give it to me or I'm going to MMA him."

Ochocinco, one of the most colorful players in the NFL, was in a good mood when discussing the upcoming game. And Ragnar, the Vikings' mascot, played along.

"I don't think he's going to be blowing anything but a lot of hot air by the end of the game," said Joe Juranitch, an Ely, Minn., resident better known as Ragnar.

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