Clinton Portis visits Concussion Speadialist

11/20/09 in NFL   |   Debi_L   |   11868 respect

Clinton Portis visited the University of Pittsburgh Medical Centre on Friday to have his concussion evaluated.   He is improving, but he and the team want to be sure he is fully recovered before allowing him back on the field to play.

That's the story they are telling the public in any case.

My question is, is that all? Is it everything?  Is there something they aren't telling us?  Football players, unfortunately, suffer concussions on a regular basis, as do hockey players.  Usually, recovery is reasonably quick and the player returns to their team at 100%.  Clinton is still suffering the effects of his double hit, experiencing headaches, blurred vision and ringing days after he was knocked unconscious.  There has been speculation that he may be out for the season, but nothing has been confirmed.  Repeated concussions can definitely affect a person's long term health, and not just their playing ability.

I applaud the Redskins for wanting to be absolutely certain Portis is ready to return to the field, but will it be this season? 
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