College bowls are not nearly as lucrative as they're made out to be

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In news that should come as no shock to you, it turns out that one of the key ingredients behind the BCS's insistence that bowl games are better than a playoff - which is that lots of schools get to make a lot of money - is complete and utter bullsh*t.

I know, I'm stunned too.

Turns out some schools lose boatloads of money during bowl season, the San Diego Tribune reports. The biggest loss of money comes when schools purchase tickets in bulk for an upcoming bowl, only to find limited fan interest in attending. The bulk ticket purchases by schools are guaranteed when the deal to include a school in a specific bowl game is made.

Oh, and this applies to BCS games as well.

Ohio State University and the Big Ten lost $1 million in failed ticket sales for last year's Fiesta Bowl. Western Michigan University lost more than $400,000 last year when the team sold only 548 of its already purchased 11,000 tickets to the Texas Bowl. In all, the Tribune found that schools and conferences lost $15.53 million because of the ticket guarantees last year.

Man, according to that data we should totally keep the bowl system! If we lived in Opposite Land.

Anyway, shove it up your ass, BCS. You suck.
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