Columbus Gets One More F-U to End the Season, Loses Top Pick at NHL Draft Lottery

4/11/12 in NHL   |   The_Real_Stoney   |   25681 respect

When the NHL draft is held June 22-23 in Pittsburgh, the team making the first pick for the 3rd consecutive year will be the Edmonton Oilers.  They buttonhooked the Columbus Blue Jackets who finished with the league's worst record and had a 48% chance of landing the 1st pick in the lottery. 
Instead, the Oilers will continue what should be called a decade's worth of rebuilding, and look to possibly add consensus #1 ranked prospect Nail Yakupov to their stable of young forwards.
I would say things could be worse for Columbus, but by all indications, they may look to trade the face of their franchise, Rick Nash at the draft. 
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