Congress is addressing BCS issue once again

12/9/09 in NCAAF   |   Pat   |   5234 respect

The House of Representatives is now discussing a bill that could bring a playoff to college football... or at least force the BCS to drop the term "National Champion".

"The bill, which faces long odds of becoming law, would ban the promotion of a postseason NCAA Division I football game as a national championship unless that title contest is the result of a playoff."

I like the idea, but many people question whether or not this is an issue that should really be the subject of legislation. Of course, everyone's knee-jerk reaction is to retort that Congress should have better things to do than worry about some silly games.

The thing is... do they? I'm sure that if you looked at some of the things that are brought up in the House and the Senate on a daily basis, you'd see some pretty ridiculous things, and huge wastes of time. The BCS, on the other hand, is something that affects thousands of student-athletes, moves millions (maybe billions) of dollars, and has an impact on nearly every state in the union.

For example, the University of Utah and Brigham Young University are two of the largest schools in Utah. However, they'll never get a chance to have a piece of the BCS Championship pie, because they're not among the chosen few. The same applies to Boise State, TCU, Hawaii, and several other schools who have no chance to win a "championship".

With the money that is changing hands, and the amount of constituents who actually care about it, I think that you can make a case that this IS a valid issue in Congress. And maybe that's the only way it will ever get fixed.
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