Could this Bucs team really be the worst ever?

12/8/09 in NFL   |   BigTone2475   |   326 respect

Worse than Richard Williamson's Bucs. Worse than Leeman Bennett's. Worse even than John McKay's.

Four more games and history is theirs to claim.

Four more defeats and it can be argued that this is the most disappointing team in the often disappointing history of the Tampa Bay Bucs.

This guy brings up an interesting point. When the Bucs went 0-26 they were an expansion team with has beens and wannabes. This team might actually be worse if you take into account what they have done with having so much more to work with.

I particularly like the guys quote about Culverhouse.

"If you have ever griped about the Glazers not spending money, remind yourself that Culverhouse could squeeze a nickel so tightly that Thomas Jefferson's descendants got headaches."

Well one thing is for sure we suck and there is no end in site. I am starting it now the Fire the Raheem movement.

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