Crazy realignment plan for baseball

2/3/10 in MLB   |   Pat   |   5234 respect

Every year, there's always another insane idea coming down the pipe about how to make baseball a little more fair for the teams who don't have the kind of budget that the Yankees and other big spending teams have.

The latest: David Schoenfield's absurd realignment idea, in which the divisions would change on a yearly basis. He broke it down for the AL, and explained how everything would work. Here are his rules:

1. The Yankees and Red Sox always remain in the AL East. It makes sense and it's good for the game.

2. Tampa, Toronto, Baltimore, Detroit and Cleveland can play only in the AL East or AL Central. All five cities are in the Eastern time zone and having them play in the West creates logistical and television issues.

3. The Angels, Seattle and Oakland always remain in the AL West. This makes sense for logistical reasons, as well.

Anyone care to take a stab at why this is a terrible idea? Or perhaps you like it... tell us why. Personally, I think it would destroy some of the very good, but lesser-known rivalries, like the ones in the AL Central. But what do you think about it?
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