Cruzin Through Preseason, Favres back,,and Bloods Spliin

8/18/10 in NFL   |   Onegoodredhead2   |   9961 respect

So  friends, we made it through the first week of Preseason ,with a few cuts and bruises and pulls....Eli took 13,not 12 stitches (reported by a very reliable source)..but close enough.....Thankfully no concussion,and a lesson learned ...signal your back IF you are going to pass......Eli took the blame and had no problem admitting he screwed up..(.Still think the play should have been whistled when his helmet went flying..and that it was a late hit on him from behind.....)    Farvre is his typical manner , is once again a Vike....and didnt have to go through camp..i mean who wants to at 40,,after 20 years of it..We should all be used to this and not surprised a bit.....
   How did your team do, what did you see as a fan that you would like to improve?  Any surprises from your teams??  Cruz sure plesantly surprised a whole stadium monday with 3 touchdowns, one armed catches and good play!!  Who was your team's stand out???  Lets talk some Football!!
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