Cub blues

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taken from Cubby-Blue 8OCT2011
How about the game of baseball yesterday?
Milwaukee needed extra innings to make the Arizona Diamondbacks go away, but the Brewers were this close to elimination in their own park.
I was at work so I only caught the very end.
Then it was the Roy Halladay and Chris Carpenter show.
Pitching and defense, right?
Rafael Furcal starts out with a shot to center, and kind of a sloppy relay from Shane Victorino.
The game's not thirty seconds old and Furcal is on third.
The Cards had the one defensive hiccup when Ross Gload struck out and Yadier Molina dropped the ball and threw off line to first, Gload safe.
But otherwise the Cardinal's D was all the O they needed.
Yadier's breathtaking throw to nail Chase Utley in the 6th gave me goosebumps.
Furcal's diving stop and 360 degree bullet to Pujols. 
Come on, man.
And oddly named Nick Punto was masterful at second (Tony LaRussa had Ryan Theriot sit for just this reason). 

So Halladay, they always say with the guys like this, you gotta get to 'em before they can find a rhythm.
He throws like 30 pitches in the first and gives up the back to back Furcal triple and Skip Shumaker double.
Cards 1 Phillies nothin'.
And that was it.

Sutter sent me a text in the middle of the game that said, "These guys are playing baseball at a level the Cubs have no clue about."
And it was true.
Chris Carpenter, in the most pressure-packed situation imaginable, he shut out what was supposed to be the best team in baseball for nine. whole. innings.
Baseball grown-ups are all using words like "classic" and "...of all-time".
Remember the Cubs' playoff performances?
Literally filled with gagging and hacking.
Yeah, it hurts, but you gotta tip your cap to these Cardinals, the managing of Tony LaRussa, pitching and D.

Just amazing baseball.
And now it's Cards/Brewers for the NL Championship, with the Cardinals starring as this year's Giants.
Man, you get in the playoffs any way you can, and any damn thing can happen.

Some day it'll be the Cubs...

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