Curtis Glencross suspended three games

11/10/09 in NHL   |   Debi_L   |   11868 respect

There was an uproar over the fact that the referees in Saturday night's game didn't call a penalty against Curtis Glencross for his hit on Chris Drury.

In fact, this Flames' fan was one of those horrified by the hit I saw.  I, too, was yellling at the refs for the penalty, a five minute major for Interference.  When it wasn't called, the only assumption I could make was that none of the refs actually saw the hit.

Well, the NHL saw the hit, maybe on replay, who knows, but the point is, they saw it and they reacted.  Curtis Glencross received a three game suspension on Monday from the NHL.  His accounting of what happened was a little different than, I'm sure, Chris Drury's is, but he has been punished. and will sit out. 

Once again, the NHL has had to step in where the refs have failed.
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