Danica Patrick Sells Her Soul

9/15/11 in NASCAR   |   Eric_   |   7716 respect

As everyone knows, Danica Patrick is headed to NASCAR full-time next year. Fine. What's not fine is the interviews she's been given recently throwing IndyCar under the bus. In this interview with the AP, Danica first said:

"I'm a fan, too. I'm a consumer. I love to see fights. I love to see crashes," she said. "I love to see drivers being honest with their emotions and letting everyone know what they think."

Really? Loving to see crashes? I have no respect for "fans" who claim to love crashes, but a driver, who knows what could happen in a crash? That's just absurd.

It got worse, as Danica later said:

"Oddly enough, I would say that the older I get, the more aggressive I get. Is that weird?" she said in Richmond, where she qualified 32nd and finished 18th last Friday night. "I didn't start like a Brazilian driver and go out 'Whoooo' and hit everything and figure it out later. I started out much more patient with other drivers and patient with myself and respectful.

I truly don't get the Brazilian driver crack, especially when she had a Brazilian teammate (Tony Kanaan) for many years. I've followed Danica for 7 years now, her entire IndyCar, and while she had her moments of princess-like entitlement, she never talked like this until now. One theory is that some idiot PR guy told her this is what NASCAR fans want to hear, and I hope it is just the case of an ignorant PR guy and not what Danica actually thinks.

Either way, if you're wondering why IndyCar fans are mostly saying "Good riddance" to Danica, here's a reason why.
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